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Gloow Nodes
Gloow Nodes

✓ Get a visual overview of your ideas

Interactively explore with beautiful visualisations

✓ Stop forgetting and losing resources

Info, documents and web links are easily added and connected.

✓ Access your info quickly on any device

Everything syncs seamlessly across mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

✓ Collaborate

Easily work together with other people people.

When you start collecting loads of information and documents about a topic, it's hard not to lose sight of the big picture. This is where Gloow comes in.
Gloow Features

Organize your life.

You can easily create different domains for important topics in your life. Collaborating with your favorite humans is easy as you can handle access & permission settings per domain. You can also get inspired by browsing our library of publicly available domains.
Gloow Features

More structured note taking.

Your notes are messy, unstructured and completely unconnected? On a knowledge graph, you create nodes instead of notes, these are dynamic building blocks that you can connect to other pieces of information. The system will also create beautiful visualisations of your web of connected nodes.
Gloow Features

Stop wasting time searching for that great article you read 2 months ago.

We offer multiple ways to add interesting resources (pdf documents, web pages, videos and images) to your knowledge base. On your mobile device? Simply share the resource using our mobile app. On a desktop? Use our browser extension!
Gloow Features

Connect the dots

Ideas, concepts or people become much more meaningful in how they relate to other items. With Gloow you can easily connect different concept and define their connections.
Gloow Features

Easily find what you are looking for and what’s related

Our minds are wonderful association systems. Ideas and thoughts are highly interconnected in our web of neurons. Gloow offers advanced search so you can quickly find a topic and see what's related, helping your mind to find what you were looking for.
Gloow Features

Smart content suggestions

The internet is also a wonderful web of resources, and Gloow will access it for you to provide smart content suggestions related to the information you are adding to the system, thereby quickly helping you find and organize useful content.
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