See the big picture with Gloow

Gloow helps you plan projects, organize ideas, and brainstorm more effectively.

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Gloow Nodes

Create your own interactive knowledge base!

We use a knowledge graph based system to organise your information. Instead of making notes, you create nodes such as persons or organisations and add relationships between them.

This way you get a more organised web of information that we can search and visualise for you. Think mind maps 2.0

When you start collecting loads of information and documents about a topic, it's hard not to lose sight of the big picture.
This is where Gloow comes in.
Gloow Features


Nodes are the basic building blocks of your knowledge base. You can add persons, organisations, products, systems or events as nodes. Or even more abstract things such as a new bill for Congress. From the moment you find something or someone interesting, add it as a node to Gloow so you connect more information to it.

Gloow Features


These are the glue between your nodes. They allow you to define how your nodes are connected. Which business people are connected to an organisation? Are there any congressmen involved with this organisation as well? Hmmm, interesting...

Gloow Features


Having your web of nodes and relationships is like having a really nice closet with lots of drawers and coathangers, but no clothes. Resources are things like articles, documents, images, web pages, video, basically anything digital. You can link these resources to your Nodes and Relationships. This way we get a really efficient organisation.

Gloow allows you to easily search your knowledge base and visualise related topics and resources.