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Gloow is a tool for organising and visualising your information using knowledge graphs.

Gloow helps you organise information much more effectively

We use a knowledge graph based system to organise your information. You are able to create nodes or entities and add relations between them. Both nodes and relations are first class citizens of our system and the user is able to add rich content to them, such as documents, images, or hyperlinks.


When you start collecting loads of documents and information about a topic, it's hard not to lose sight of the big picture
This is where Gloow comes in.

Map your business

Your business is thriving and information is coming in from all levels. Most entrepreneurs don't have time to read through dozens of documents yet we all want to keep an overview of what's happening in our business.

Gloow is cloud software that lets your team add information in a very structured way. At any time Gloow allows you to explore this information visually via our graph explorer. This makes discussing projects and operations much easier as you will always have a high level understanding of what's going on.

We also offer an import service where we can gather information from your various data sources so you don't have to start from an empty canvas.


Our brains are powerful tools of association, representing information via a knowledge graph allows us to grasp concepts faster, gain better understanding and retain information longer.


Both for students or teachers, Gloow becomes a very helpful tool. It can help transfer information efficiently and allow students to collaborate in organising and understanding the course contents.

Studying a course through a book requires a student to take a bottom-up approach. One has to learn about different concepts one at a time and create the links between these concepts as they make progress.

Gloow allows you as a teacher to flip this around and take a top-down approach. The big picture is clear from the start and students can drill down topics and discover relations as they go.

If you are interested in using our software for educational purposes, please get in touch. We offer special educational packages for students and for both individual teachers as for educational organisations.

Student Teacher

Gloow Use cases


Make your knowledge crystal clear for your students to explore via our system.

GDPR Compliancy

Gdpr requires you to map out your information processing flows very precisely. Gloow can be a perfect aid for this.


Gloow let's you store all your research information and resources in a very flexible system, that can be tailored to your needs.


Gloow will be the last flowcharting tool you ever need. Our dynamic builder is very flexible in creating all kinds of schema's. More importantly, all your components are completely reusable and living items in the system.

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As a consultant auditing a business you can use Gloow to map the entire organisation structure. The visual maps that are created makes it very easy to communicate with your clients and get synchronised quickly.

Mind mapping

Gloow can be a great alternative to more traditional mind mapping systems. With our reusable nodes you can not only bring more structure in your mind maps but create them faster and maintain them much easier.

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